Gower Walking Festival

Annual Celebration of Gower

We are delighted to bring back our popular festival photography competition.

Only participants in the 2023 GWF may enter and have a chance to win a prize to remember the Festival by!

How to enter

Photos must be submitted digitally to .

The closing date for submitting photos will be 30th September 2023.

All the photos must be taken during the GWF and feature the festival as the theme.

Please submit high quality images and split into separate emails if necessary.

You can submit two photos from each walk you participate in.

When taking photographs that include people, please ask if anyone objects if you submit them to the competition. Ideally this should be made clear at the time of taking the photos.

Judging will take place during October, and winners will be notified by early November 2023.  The judges’ decision is final.

By submitting images, you are licensing the Gower Walking Festival to use them in any publicity for GWF, including website and social media.

GWF will not make any financial gain from the photographs, and the images will only be used for GWF purposes.

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